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3 Series Interior | Photographer

Andrej Gorenkov

"I hate resting my head with an unsettled mind. I think too much for my own good."

- Reyna Biddy (via kushandwizdom)


GUYSS this is a moss piglet AKA the Tartigrade and is a tiny animal that inhabits mosses and ferns. The Tardigrade has existed on earth for half a billion years and it is known as an extremophile, meaning it can survive conditions that would kill nearly any other living creature.
Tardigrades can withstand temperatures from just above absolute zero to well above the boiling point of water, pressures about six times greater than those found in the deepest ocean trenches, ionizing radiation at doses hundreds of times higher than the lethal dose for a human, and they can survive the vacuum of outer space.
They can also go without food or water for more than 10 years, drying out to the point where they are 3% or less water, only to re-hydrate and come back to life..
The impressive abilities make the Tardigrade one of the most indestructible animals on earth.
so next time you look at moss or ferns, think of the moss piglet and its greatness

A Tired Tiger ~ By Stephen Moehle


*goes to a party and awkwardly follows freind around the entire time*

(via hawaiian-soul)

Bill Hicks